Dwelling Places in Uganda


I’m very excited about a charity event that Victory Worship Center is hosting for Dwelling Places in Uganda.  Be prepared.  I’m going to be flooding the internet with information about this organization and how you can be a part of something amazing!

“Dwelling Places is a Christian non-governmental organization dedicated to removing children from the streets, rebuilding families, and restoring broken individuals with the love of Jesus Christ.  Dwelling Places works to rescue, rehabilitate, reconcile and resettle street children with their families. We speak out for children at risk – informing, motivating, and equipping families and communities to promote positive change in Ugandan society.”

Our Mustaches, Bowties, and Pearls Event will be a night filled with music, fine desserts and fellowship.  We will be holding a silent auction to raise money for Dwelling Places and we will be focusing on Child Sponsorship.  There is a special Children for Children corner where we will be selling art work created by our local kids to help raise money for the children in Dwelling Places.  You can purchase tickets on the Victory Worship Center Website. (click here)

As I’m writing this, my 4.5 year old son comes up to me and asks, “Mom? Mom? MOM? I’m right here. Can you look at me? I’m right here.”  Wow, I cant even stop writing to look at my son? I can’t believe how selfish it is for me to ignore my son and consider that there are more than 10,000 children on the streets in Uganda who don’t have a mom to bug.

I stop typing and look at him, “Mom, I just want to be with you. Can we cuddle?” Again, wow, my son isn’t whining or complaining or being ungrateful.  He just wants to cuddle.  I stop everything to scoop him up in my arms we spin in my desk chair, kissing him every full turn. We laugh and giggle.  I am completely blown away right now that God would use THIS moment, during THIS blog entry to illuminate once again why THIS is so important!

There are children who are living in the worst conditions, suffering the most horrific abuse, and don’t have a mother to “bug” about cuddles.  This is what Dwelling Places is all about!  Giving these children the love they absolutely deserve.

Will you please consider helping this organization?  When you sponsor a child, you are giving them hope!

Click Here to sponsor a child today!!!

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