Hilarious Mothers Day Happenings

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My 4yo is making me look like the WORST mom ever! For Mothers Day he wanted to draw me a Walking Dead picture. He commissioned his father to do the work and it was completed under John’s direction.

Yes…that is a mushroom cloud in the background.   John is a soldier with big muscles and a machine gun and the baby is his “older” brother.  Dad is totally missing (must not have survived the first wave). Zombies apparently come in two types, humanoid and cockroach.  Could the Apocalypse get any more TERRIFYING?!?!

John is still making changes…he just ran out of the room to get a special crayon saying “Wet pants, coming up!”

Now I’m going to have peed pants in my Mothers Day Picture.

Sigh… Happy Mothers Day to me!

For the record…my kids have never seen The Walking Dead…we’ve told him that it’s a bad show with Zombies and is too scary for him.

Bright side, I’m totally kicking butt in this new world!

Wonder Woman Has Landed

IMG_9183 IMG_9194 IMG_9281 IMG_9283 P1030386 P1030402

It took her a while to find her invisible airplane, but Wonder Woman has made it to ZeroFrizzThirty on Etsy!  Just consider her fashionably late…because she’s Wonder Woman and you don’t criticize an Amazonian with a lasso. ;P

Superhero Shoelace Charms

Shoelace charms are a great way to add a subtle touch of Geek Pride in the professional and educational sphere. They also make fabulous gifts and party favors!




Keychains on ZeroFrizzThirty

You asked for them. You got them! Find these on ZeroFrizzThirty’s ETSY shop.





Each of these keychains is offered in Silver and Antique Bronze!  They make the perfect gift!

Zero Frizz Thirty is now on ETSY




It finally happened. I started my ETSY shop and, unbelievably, I’ve had 3 orders in the last 10 days. I’m very excited and hope to keep providing fun things!

Stop by the shop to see what I’ve been up to.

Click Here -> ZeroFrizzThirty

St. Patrick’s Day Nails

St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone! Have a fun and safe time ❤

No.2 Pencil Yellow Nails!

No.2 Yellow

80’s Punk Hearts <3

photo 2


I love Sally Hansen’s Magnetic Nail Polish.  This black/slate color is awesome.  I added pink hearts for a Retro 1980’s Punk feel!

Red Valentine’s Day Nails!!!

P1020499 P1020488


Fun February Nails!  I got some striping tape online and this was a really fun project.  The stripes only lasted a couple of days but it was worth it ❤

Magnetic Plum Nails!



I love this new Magnetic nail polish my mom got me for Christmas.  Sally Hansen consistently makes quality polish at great prices.  This one stands out and is incredibly fun!  Thanks mom! I love it ❤


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