Brother Portrait: Nailed It!





Thanks to Ken Bruggeman for publicly posting this great picture of two, perfect-brothers, so that I could show off my two, seemingly-perfect-brothers picture. 😉


Doctor Who Time Vortex Nails!

I love Doctor Who, probably more than what is considered healthy.  Step One is admitting you have a problem, right?  So I wanted to do something spectacular.  I realize that not everbody will get this as not all Doctor Who fans have seen all of the Classic Doctor Who shows.  That includes me 😉  I’m working my way through them now!  LOVE  ❤  I love the Intros and wanted to do something spectacular.  After hours of research, preparation, and many corrections, here are my Doctor Who Intro, Time Vortices inspired nails!!


From Left to Right:

Pinky: Doctors 1&2 (Hartnell & Troughton)     Ring, Middle, Pointer: 3rd Doctor (Pertwee)     Thumb: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

Thumb: Doctors 4,5&6 (Tom Baker, Davison, & Colin Baker)     Pointer: 7th Doctor (McCoy)    Middle: 9th Doctor (Eccleston)     Ring: 10th Doctor (Tennant)     Pinky: 11th Doctor (Smith)

Here are the screenshots I took!

Hope this all made sense.  If I made any mistakes listing the Doctors to their images, please feel free to post a comment below!

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Nailed It!

Nailed It

Two Fifty Can Make A Difference!


I am just one of the many people who have been inspired by Carrie Bland (aka @Keeba13).  Her kindness and passion for Geek culture helped me get through a very dark time in my life.  I think we can all agree that Carrie has touched us positively in one way or another.  She’s an amazing person and deserves some serious respect for all of her hard work!

Please help me raise funds for Carrie Bland to send her to San Diego Comic Con 2013!  Carrie, redefines the word ‘bland’.  She is a beautiful lover of all things Geek; full of life, fun and compassion.  Just by being herself, she has helped me change my life from a dull and ‘bland’ existence to one that is colorful, confident and creative!

Carrie is one the most amazingly talented GeekMoms.  She is respected as a top Gaming Girl and is the Community Manager for PMS Clan Halo Division.  Respect!  A Whovian, a Zombie Apocalypse lover, Supernatural addict, and did I mention she loves tacos? Carrie’s an Amazing GeekMom who is so dope, that she crafts-up Legend of Zelda Link arm cuffs for her daughter and cosplay’s some hardcore Stormtrooper action!  What lucky kids ❤

I don’t feel that this self-sacrificing woman should have to stay home when she is loved by so many!  If all of her friends, family and Twitter followers were to donate $2.50, we would definitely meet our Goal Amount.  I bet you could find two-fifty in change right now in the couch cushions! Please help us send Carrie Not-at-all-Bland to San Diego Comic Con 2013!  No one deserves it more! 😀

Let’s DO this!!!

Also… Please REBLOG this to help get the word out.  You can also request a digital poster to print out and put up at local Comic Book and Gaming Stores, coffee houses, campuses, etc…  We need to spread the word!  If interested in a digital poster, comment below and I will link it to you!

Have a great week everybody!

❤ Jen

Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring NAILS!!!

I was ravenous to do something Geeky today!  So, I sat down during the kids’ naptime and banged out these awesome Fellowship Nails.

LOTR Fellowship Nails

(From left to right)

Gimli’s Axe, Legolas’ Bow, Aragorn’s Sword Narsil, Boromir’s Horn of Gondor, The One Ring, Frodo’s Vest & Elven Cloak, Samwise’s Vest and Shirt, Galdalf The White’s Staff, Merry’s Vest, and Pippen’s Jacket and Scarf.

I’m not great at using my left hand, so the weapons hand is a little weak looking BUT at least the Elvish looks awesome…even if I did it upside down  OOPS! Not bad for a first go at nail art 😀

LOTR Fellowship Nails 2

Have a great weekend everyone!

❤ Jen

Don’t Point That Turd At Me!


Since SuperHubby has been out of town this week things have gotten very interesting.  The beginning of the week is always easiest for the kids and the last two days are usually insane filled with frustration, tireness, sadness because they miss their daddy.


Here’s what happened last night as I posted on Facebook:

THE BIRD JUST GOT OUT!!! I managed to catch it. My poor MIDGE! 😦

I needed to clip their nails and midge snuck out! I caught her with very little stress and quickly but James got upset and almost cried. John was in awe. He kept pointing up and with an amazed look said “Boooooo” at least I got her nails trimmed WHEW!


James FARTED in my face!!!! I breathed it right in. Full on! … I can’t wait for Vernon to get home.

Midge on the left and Kevin on the right.

Midge on the left and Kevin on the right.

These are our Zebra Finches. Kevin and Midge! We’ve had them for 3 years, this spring. Midge is fine, but James is super concerned. Here’s the conversation we had after The Flight of The Zebra Finch.

James: Is Midge hurt? Can she fly again?
Me: She’s fine! Mommy saved her.
James: (quitely thinking with a furrowed brow) Is Kevin sad about Midge????? (his eyes a little watery)
Me: No honey. Keving not sad.

After about 15 min….
James: What happens when birds die?
Me: What? Honey.
James: Do birds die?
Me: Yes, son. Birds dies. Midge is going to be just fine.

My poor mommy heart…. I really really cant wait for Vernon to get home. 😦

Gumpy PantsIMG_1190

It was a very exciting and difficult night.  Bathtime was insane and getting them to bed was like trying to herd CATS!  So I thought that  when I woke up this morning, it was going to be a new day.  Shoot! We get to start another day over… on the right side, right????


The whining! Its just wouldn’t end! … and then the KIDS started whining.  I guess I didnt start everyone out on the right foot today.  Anyway!  I left the kids alone for 3 minutes so I could put on my gym clothes and here’s what I saw when I exited my bedroom.

The 2yo with his diaper off and a very concerned look on his face: “Mama?”

Me: What’s wron…. *GASP*

The 2yo is pointing a turd at me.  Yup!  On the tip of his tiny pointer finger is a smooshed and smelly Turd.

2yo again: “MAMA??????” (looking very worried)


I grab the baby and take him into his room to change him, clean off his hands and then I leave him on his changing pad (on the floor).  I run out to the living room to grab the diaper.  As I slowly pick it up and giant log rolls out onto the carpet.

Me:  NOOOOOOOOO!  sick sick sick sick sick

I turn around and there’s my half naked son laughing his tiny biscuits off. I grab the Poop Log with the diaper with one hand and the baby with the other and drag them both back to the bedroom.  There, I see poop kisses on the changing pad where his anus has been.  His rectum had left little tiny @$$ kisses all over it!!!!!   I throw down a towel and clean up the baby. I cry.  I laugh. I cry some more.  How do single moms do this?! I feel like I’m losing my mind and … I’m late for my gym appointment.  Oh well!  I probably should have taken pictures, right? 😉

I thought it ended there, but I got about half way through this entry when I was interrupted by silence.  Parents, you know what I’m talking about.  The Silence means one of two things: The children are doing something naughty or there is a mouthless alien behind you that you cant remember who is trying to kill you.  Both of these scenarios are very dangerous and press upon you that nagging suspicion that somehting horrible is happening but you don’t know what it is.

I went to find out what was going on and I see the 2yo with his diaper off AGAIN! There is another Butt Nugget on the floor and it has been baptized in Catholic fashion with his urine!! …. LOL!


Parenting is an adventure, for sure.  A big, stinky, hilarious adventure that I wouldn’t give up for all the Latinum in the universe.  I love my boys ❤ with both of my hearts! *It’s a Time Lord thing 😉

sigh…. its not too early for a drink, is it?



Putting Us Out of Our Monday Misery

My friend Heather A. posted this on Facebook today and I wanted to share this with all of you:

HOLY COW!! I heard the saddest sounds coming from down the hall, so I jumped out of bed, stumbled around until I realized the wailing was in my kitchen…I opened the fridge and figured out it was the cheesecake. It was bereft at having been left there for over 24 hours, and didn’t want to be stuck with all the veggies, leftovers and *gasp* common cheese. So I put it out of its misery…I think we both feel better now.

Thanks Heather A. for putting us all out of our Monday misery by giving us a big smile and belly laugh!  You’re the best find… not just friend… but find.  Because I found you ❤  Have a great Monday everyone!

Five Year Olds Writing



So a friend of mine, Floanna (name changed for privacy), suggested I post this.  My son is a month away from turning 5 years old.  Let me just pause for a second as I process that reality… MY BABY IS TURNING FIVE?!?!   WAA-AAAAH!   Now that I’ve composed myself, I just want to say that he is really a good story teller.  He’s been telling us very intricate stories for about a year now, but today he practically wrote a screenplay in his head.  It was kind of a Process Drama for lack of a better word.  It goes beyond pretending because he had it all blocked out but welcomed outside input!  Anyway,  though I’m very proud of him, this isn’t to brag about him.  It’s just to set you up for a good laugh, to encourage you and bring you some joy today!

I’ve written this down word for word exactly how it happened and I’m surprised how wonderfully it makes sense.  Mostly, it just cracks me up.  He’s got quite the imagination.  This story is based on a mix of children’s shows… SuperWhy, Noonbory, and Dora The Explorer.  ENJOY!  I hope this brings you a smile.




(this is a PDF file so you’ll need a reader like Adobe, in order to read it) Have a great day everyone!

Celebrating The Yuletide Poop Log!


We have had a major victory here in the last two weeks in our Potty Training!  Two week ago last friday our 4.5yo, who has been having an amazingly difficult mastering bowel training, walked into the bathroom independently an put his poop in the potty.

Some of you might be thinking, “Um, yeah, that’s what 4.5yo’s do.” or “big whoop” or “so what?” If you are, then you haven’t been keeping up around here 😉  LOL!  Let me tell you, until you have a child that cant use the potty you just don’t understand how hard life can be.  Especially if that child is a withholder.  Its a whole ‘nother level of frustration… for everyone.  Just count your blessings and rejoice with us!

I couldn’t believe it when I I heard the bathroom door open, the toilet lid go up, silence, then a loud “Mommy! I did it! I did it!!!”  I ran in there to find him sitting there with a large Yuletide Poop Log in the toilet and a totally clean diaper.  Not even the faintest Bacon Mark. (sorry for the Bacon blaspemy… it was term I heard as a child and it stuck).  What a victory for him!

Now it was important for him to start his Pee training again.  We took things really slow and had an entire week of success, followed by a week of constipation and accidents, then two days of independent toilet use!  This is incredible!  I am so happy for my little guy and his success.  Most importantly, I’m happy for his condifence.

Thank you all for your support, prayers, thoughts, helpful advice, patience, concern and hope!  Things are looking better this time of year and we are incredibly grateful!  Love all of you!

On a side note, there have been several people who have been helping me find myself these last six months and I’m so thankful for them.  But there is one person who I really admire.  She’s a nursing mom, with 3 kids and a love and talent for playing video games.  She is also a positive force in a culture that can be elitest and I admire her and love her with all my heart.  She’s been a virtual friend in the Twittervese and FaceBookdom and though I’ve never met her, her honesty and caring nature has inspired me.  She has helped me to resolve my identity issues simply by being herself.  I just wanted to thank you here, Carrie (@Keeba13).  Cyber-hugs to you from your Virtual friend who is virtually unknown to you, but admires you immensely.  I wish the best of weeks and the Happiest of Christmas’.

❤ Jen 😉

The Mystery Poop Log


I know I talk a lot about poop, but right now… THATS my life.  I walked in the door today and the entire house smelled like a dirty bathroom in a Mexican Restaraunt!  I’m not being racist, it literally smelled like burritos and turds.  Appartently both the kids had poopy diapers for a while before I came home and the burritos we had eaten for lunch smoldered from the decaying process in the trash.  It was eye watering!  The smell extraction process should have required a hazmat team but I really didn’t feel our crisis required government intervention.  So I did it myself!  All the trashes were taken out, kids changed, and the mother of all oil burners was lit.  Yet as I sit here at my computer, I smell it.  I can smell a poop.  It is only right near my computer….In front of my face.  When I look down I expect to see it sitting on the tab key, but no.  It’s The Mystery Poop Log.  It’s haunting me with it’s appetite killing aroma and I can feel my hair falling out as the stress builds.  Sigh…I can’t wait for the day when my house smells like it should… POOP FREE!

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