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GEEK Halloween!


Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! ❤



The Perfect Halloween Picture! 😉


Couch Coinage For Comic Con Campaign!

Carrie Bland Comic ConThere are 313.9 million people living in the United States of America and nearly 7 billlion  humans on this little piece of rock we call Terra…Earth…whatever.  We only need 1000 people to donate $2.50 in Couch Coinage in order to reach our goal of $2500 and send one of Geek Culture’s best loved women to San Diego Comic Con 2013.  We have until Tuesday, July 16th to raise this money and make Carrie Bland’s (@Keeba13) dream come true! Let’s prove that Couch Coinage can make a huge difference and generosity is alive and well!

Questions you might be asking yourself right now:

1. “Who is Carrie Bland?”

Carrie is one the most amazingly talented GeekMoms. She is respected as a top Gaming Girl and is the Community Manager for PMS Clan Halo Division. Respect! A Whovian, a Zombie Apocalypse lover, Supernatural addict, and did I mention she loves tacos? Carrie’s an Amazing GeekMom who is so dope, that she crafts-up Legend of Zelda Link arm cuffs for her daughter and cosplay’s some hardcore Stormtrooper action! What lucky kids ❤


Check her out on Twitter… @Keeba13 !

2. “What the heck is Couch Coinage?”

Couch Coinage is the Coinage you find in your couch!  I haven’t done any research, but my guess is that the average person vacuums/cleans out their couch once a year.  Its a nice little treasure to find $2.50 in coins among the cereal, hair, crumbs and the God-Only-Knows-What-Putrescence-That-Is.

3. “Why should I give my Couch Coinage to you?”

I truly believe that Couch Coinage can be used for something bigger than just a 12 oz coke out of the vending machine!  If it wasn’t important enough to have it for the year it sat between the cushions and some crusted cheerios, why keep it to ourselves now? Use its simplicity to do something totally AWESOME, like sending Carrie on a well deserved dream trip for Geeks!

4. “Is your Donation Site safe?”

GoFundMe.com uses Paypal to accept donations which is extremely safe. Here’s a quote from their website, “In terms of online security, all payments are securely processed using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption, or SSL.” For more information on GoFundMe Safety & Security , click here.

Creating a PayPal Account is easy, secure and one of the safest ways to purchase items online or make charitable donations.  It is used by thousands of websites and makes donating online a SNAP!  The best part is…ITS FREE to create an account!  Click here for more information about PayPal!

Just Click on the Donate button below or visit the link on our virtual flyer (pictured below).  If you love the idea of Couch Coinage making a difference, PLEASE REBLOG THIS!  We are trying to get as much exposure as possible.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other site you can please. Carrie is the sweetest person and this is our gift to her!  I desperately want this for her, will you please help us make it happen? Thank you everyone! ❤







Doctor Who Time Vortex Nails!

I love Doctor Who, probably more than what is considered healthy.  Step One is admitting you have a problem, right?  So I wanted to do something spectacular.  I realize that not everbody will get this as not all Doctor Who fans have seen all of the Classic Doctor Who shows.  That includes me 😉  I’m working my way through them now!  LOVE  ❤  I love the Intros and wanted to do something spectacular.  After hours of research, preparation, and many corrections, here are my Doctor Who Intro, Time Vortices inspired nails!!


From Left to Right:

Pinky: Doctors 1&2 (Hartnell & Troughton)     Ring, Middle, Pointer: 3rd Doctor (Pertwee)     Thumb: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

Thumb: Doctors 4,5&6 (Tom Baker, Davison, & Colin Baker)     Pointer: 7th Doctor (McCoy)    Middle: 9th Doctor (Eccleston)     Ring: 10th Doctor (Tennant)     Pinky: 11th Doctor (Smith)

Here are the screenshots I took!

Hope this all made sense.  If I made any mistakes listing the Doctors to their images, please feel free to post a comment below!

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Don’t Point That Turd At Me!


Since SuperHubby has been out of town this week things have gotten very interesting.  The beginning of the week is always easiest for the kids and the last two days are usually insane filled with frustration, tireness, sadness because they miss their daddy.


Here’s what happened last night as I posted on Facebook:

THE BIRD JUST GOT OUT!!! I managed to catch it. My poor MIDGE! 😦

I needed to clip their nails and midge snuck out! I caught her with very little stress and quickly but James got upset and almost cried. John was in awe. He kept pointing up and with an amazed look said “Boooooo” at least I got her nails trimmed WHEW!


James FARTED in my face!!!! I breathed it right in. Full on! … I can’t wait for Vernon to get home.

Midge on the left and Kevin on the right.

Midge on the left and Kevin on the right.

These are our Zebra Finches. Kevin and Midge! We’ve had them for 3 years, this spring. Midge is fine, but James is super concerned. Here’s the conversation we had after The Flight of The Zebra Finch.

James: Is Midge hurt? Can she fly again?
Me: She’s fine! Mommy saved her.
James: (quitely thinking with a furrowed brow) Is Kevin sad about Midge????? (his eyes a little watery)
Me: No honey. Keving not sad.

After about 15 min….
James: What happens when birds die?
Me: What? Honey.
James: Do birds die?
Me: Yes, son. Birds dies. Midge is going to be just fine.

My poor mommy heart…. I really really cant wait for Vernon to get home. 😦

Gumpy PantsIMG_1190

It was a very exciting and difficult night.  Bathtime was insane and getting them to bed was like trying to herd CATS!  So I thought that  when I woke up this morning, it was going to be a new day.  Shoot! We get to start another day over… on the right side, right????


The whining! Its just wouldn’t end! … and then the KIDS started whining.  I guess I didnt start everyone out on the right foot today.  Anyway!  I left the kids alone for 3 minutes so I could put on my gym clothes and here’s what I saw when I exited my bedroom.

The 2yo with his diaper off and a very concerned look on his face: “Mama?”

Me: What’s wron…. *GASP*

The 2yo is pointing a turd at me.  Yup!  On the tip of his tiny pointer finger is a smooshed and smelly Turd.

2yo again: “MAMA??????” (looking very worried)


I grab the baby and take him into his room to change him, clean off his hands and then I leave him on his changing pad (on the floor).  I run out to the living room to grab the diaper.  As I slowly pick it up and giant log rolls out onto the carpet.

Me:  NOOOOOOOOO!  sick sick sick sick sick

I turn around and there’s my half naked son laughing his tiny biscuits off. I grab the Poop Log with the diaper with one hand and the baby with the other and drag them both back to the bedroom.  There, I see poop kisses on the changing pad where his anus has been.  His rectum had left little tiny @$$ kisses all over it!!!!!   I throw down a towel and clean up the baby. I cry.  I laugh. I cry some more.  How do single moms do this?! I feel like I’m losing my mind and … I’m late for my gym appointment.  Oh well!  I probably should have taken pictures, right? 😉

I thought it ended there, but I got about half way through this entry when I was interrupted by silence.  Parents, you know what I’m talking about.  The Silence means one of two things: The children are doing something naughty or there is a mouthless alien behind you that you cant remember who is trying to kill you.  Both of these scenarios are very dangerous and press upon you that nagging suspicion that somehting horrible is happening but you don’t know what it is.

I went to find out what was going on and I see the 2yo with his diaper off AGAIN! There is another Butt Nugget on the floor and it has been baptized in Catholic fashion with his urine!! …. LOL!


Parenting is an adventure, for sure.  A big, stinky, hilarious adventure that I wouldn’t give up for all the Latinum in the universe.  I love my boys ❤ with both of my hearts! *It’s a Time Lord thing 😉

sigh…. its not too early for a drink, is it?



The Doctor Who, Tom Baker, Season 12 Scarf….For Beginners!

I’ve really enjoyed my time off over the holiday season as the kids and I soak up all of SuperDad while he’s off of work.  I’m back now and working on some great Geek Crafts!  Firstly, my Dalek Purse complete with 3D Eggs and light up Eye Stalk.  Secondly, I taught myself how to knit and a group of ladies and gents are making their own Tom Baker’s Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf.

I am so excited to be a part of a Facebook group called Geeks United In Crafts.  Natali brought a bunch together to knit this project and it’s so much fun to see all of their cool yarn purchases and project progress!   But I’m behind and my stitches are too sloppy to make the scarf look good.  So I took the Official Doctor Who Scarf websites pattern and adjusted it to accomidate new learners.  I’m using a larger needle and thicker thread.   It wont at all be authentic looking stitch wise, but it will allow me to join the group and produce a decent scarf!  I cant wait to see how it turns out.  For better or worse, I’m married to this project 😀



For The Official Doctor Who Scarf Pattern click here

Rockin’ The Doctor on New Kicks

YAAAAAAAY! I’m so excited these are finally done.  This has been a project that had to take a back seat for a bit, but I’m so pleased with how they turned out.  I can’t wait for Super Hubby to take me out…. I NEED to get my Geek on.

So here’s the story of how I was inspired to make the shoes and the process!  I will be linking sites and referencing artists so you all can check out their amazing art.  These men and women are truly gifted and I’ve been immensely blessed by them.  So… thank you, stranger people who are way way more talented than I!

My love for The Doctor started when I was pregnant with my youngest in 2010.  My friend “Machie” had insisted I watch the show for a over a year but I was still trying to catch up on Bones (which, she also insisted that I watch). Sigh… I know, she’s amazing.  By the way, her version of insisting was to gently remind me through gmail chat how good the last episode she watched was. ANYWAY!  After the Bones season finale I started watching Doctor Who and it…was…awesome.  I had never seen a show as good as this one was and I owe all the joy and wonder that I’ve experienced from that wonderful, wonderful man, to my Super Bestie… “Machie”  I LOVE YOU, MACHIE!

This summer, I saw a pair of Blue Tardis shoes online that had the Fashionable Geek in an uproar 😉 and I fell in love.  I had to find these shoes!  There was no artist listed on Fashionably Geek, but I didn’t have to look hard. The shoes were designed and painted by CANVAS WARRIORS.  Check this girl out!  She’s amazing!  She has Converse All Star Chucks painted with Twilight, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Comic Heroes, Star Trek, (check it @Keeba13) Supernatural, and a pair of purple Joker shoes that will make your head frickin’ spin! Amazing!  She’s based in the UK and she’s a Super Cutie.  Oh how I wanted to give her my money!  Sadly, we JUST couldn’t afford it.

So I decided to make my own.  Not to knock off her art because I have absolutely no ability to draw or paint.  Instead, I decided to use printable fabric to adhere my favorite Doctor Who images to a pair of my own Converse All Star Chuck XX Hi’s.  I’ve been using this product to make special baby books for friends and thought this would be a great alternative.  It’s not NEARLY as impressive as hand painted canvas shoes are, but it’s good enough for me and affordable.

This is the image that made me fall in love with Girl On The Moon!

I found a lot of images online on DeviantArt.com, wallpapers on Google images, and shopping sites.  (I posted about an artist a couple of months ago who blew me away with her lovely Fan Art.  I purchased five of her prints because I absolutely adore her.  Not only is she talented, but she’s a beautiful person.  Check out my post here. Girl On The Moon is an amazing artist!)  I picked my favorites, asked permission from her and then I printed the images out on cardstock.  I made a template of the shoe and began to design.


I adjusted image sizes and took pictures of the final designs.

Then, printed the final images onto the printable fabric.


Next I ironed the images onto the shoe according to the product directions and sealed the shoes with 4 coats of Clear Acrylic Spray Paint.


I made the left shoe into The Doctor and his companions and the right shoe into The Doctor’s enemies.  The only thing I wish I had done differently is created one facing side The Doctor/Companions and the other facing side Enemies.  That way, if you see me from one side its Good Guys and If you see me from the other side, its enemies.  Oh well! Hindsight.

Overall, I’m really please with how these turned out and I’m alread planning another pair… SPOILERS. 😉

Special thanks to these artists:

Sandira Reddy at CANVAS WARRIORS for inspiring me!

Lydia Butz for her truly moving artwork of The Doctor.  Find her on DeviantArt.com! Girl-on-the-moon  You can also see more of her artwork here in my post entitled Girl On The Moon – Doctor Who Artist

I’d Travel In The TARDIS by ~BakaSara

~BakaSara for capturing one of the most beautifully bitter moments on Doctor Who.  Find her on DeviantArt.com! ~BakaSara

The Girl Who Waited by Alice ~alicexz

Alice for this beautiful painting of “Caitlin Blackwood as young Amelia Pond” named The Girl Who Waited. Find her on DeviantArt.com! ~alicexz

Doctor Who Silurian sketchcard by NIK-Nick

NIK-Nick for this gorgeous painting of a Silurian!

Dr Who Judoon by Martin (webmartin99)

Martin (with an accent mark over the i) for the drawing of a Judoon that almost made me think they were handsome 😉  Truly amazing work. Find him on DeviantArt.com!   webmartin99

Your Faithful Companion by Donna ~girlinterruptedbyart

Donna for this amazing drawing of the 10th Doctor’s companions! So good 😀 Find her on DeviantArt.com! ~girlinterruptedbyart

*Again, my humble apologies for a lack of professionalism due to emotional excitement.  You all are amazing artists!

Flash Gordon : I’m Not Embarassed!

Many movies have had popular bands write music for the entire movie (minus the score) and we have remembered them as classics. The most popular or talked about would probably be Highlander.  A movie about a immortal man with long hair and amazing sword skills, surviving centuries and who has to battle a crazed immortal with safety pins in his neck. There can be only one.  Music provided by Queen and it becomes a cult classic.  I love this movie, but there’s another movie that Queen provided the music for that is swept under the rug and only talked about in close circles of friends.


I’m not ashamed to say that the 1980’s film Flash Gordon is one of my all time favorite sci-fi films ever.  It can’t be put in the same category as Aliens, Star Wars, Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn, or Close Encounters of the Third Kind (only a fraction of my absolute faves), but it’s in a league of its own.  For one thing this film has some seriously pimped out costumes!  Watching this as a kid made be think that sci-fi was meant for GIRLS! Sparkly dresses, shiny shoes, little tiny CapriSun people running around with swords. COME ON! Did I mention there a race of ANGELS…okay, hawk people, but those girls with pink wings were heavenly!


So I want all you Flash Gordon lovers to come out of the closet, DAGNABIT! We have the right to like that movie.  It’s good! It has MAX VON SIDOW…. seriously! TIMOTHY DALTON…. Yes! BRIAN BLESSED…you betchya! and the FIDDLER ON THE ROOF GUY (who I probably could have looked up his name on wiki but I liked typing that out).  And for all you FlashGordonPhobes, just remember that mean people suck!



I love this movie so much for so many reasons. OH! Did I mention that there’s a Mongo vs. Flash Gordon  football scene, a forced marriage with a black wedding dress & the bad guy gets stabbed…with a SPACESHIP?!?!?!?!


I’m so thankful that we can be ourselves. We werent made to hide away but to live a good life that glorifies God. I love you all… for you. Have a great week!

Girl On The Moon – Doctor Who Artist

Amazing Doctor Who Prints I Can Afford?!  Heck Yeah!

While perusing the internet for pictures for my newest project, I came across the best Doctor Who Artistry I have ever seen.  I wanted to share this with you because this girl is young and talented! If you love Doctor Who then you will love Lydia Butz, age 21, artist, digital artist and cartoonist.

I found these images on deviantART.com and was instantaneously hooked. After humbly asking her if I could blog about her artwork on my website that has a whopping 2 Followers (ahem…), she agreed.  Although, I do get about 100 hits per day, so0000… thanks everybody!!! Serious Time, *puts on serious face* please understand this girl is young and super-duper sweet (Canadian) , so please don’t use any of these images to do anything other than draw attention to her talent and brilliance.  If you would like a piece of her art, you can purchase a photo for a little as $0.59 or a super large print with framing for under $100. So please don’t just copy her work off of my site…I really would like to show her some professional respect. She deserves it!

*puts on go lucky face* Enough talk!  I’ll let her work speak for itself!  I’m only posting a couple of my faves because I want you to go and see her stuff for yourself.  Did I mention she’s also a Sherlock fan? Surprise!  Please check this young lady out at DeviantART. She is truly amazing!

By the way, the images are tiny so you cant rip them off… so nyaaaaa! *sticks tongue out in childish fashion*  You’ll just have to pay for them! *winks*

Permission Given by Lydia Butz, Girl On The Moon

Images provided by DevianART, http://girl-on-the-moon.deviantart.com/

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