Doctor Who Time Vortex Nails!

I love Doctor Who, probably more than what is considered healthy.  Step One is admitting you have a problem, right?  So I wanted to do something spectacular.  I realize that not everbody will get this as not all Doctor Who fans have seen all of the Classic Doctor Who shows.  That includes me 😉  I’m working my way through them now!  LOVE  ❤  I love the Intros and wanted to do something spectacular.  After hours of research, preparation, and many corrections, here are my Doctor Who Intro, Time Vortices inspired nails!!


From Left to Right:

Pinky: Doctors 1&2 (Hartnell & Troughton)     Ring, Middle, Pointer: 3rd Doctor (Pertwee)     Thumb: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

Thumb: Doctors 4,5&6 (Tom Baker, Davison, & Colin Baker)     Pointer: 7th Doctor (McCoy)    Middle: 9th Doctor (Eccleston)     Ring: 10th Doctor (Tennant)     Pinky: 11th Doctor (Smith)

Here are the screenshots I took!

Hope this all made sense.  If I made any mistakes listing the Doctors to their images, please feel free to post a comment below!

Thanks and have a great weekend!



Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring NAILS!!!

I was ravenous to do something Geeky today!  So, I sat down during the kids’ naptime and banged out these awesome Fellowship Nails.

LOTR Fellowship Nails

(From left to right)

Gimli’s Axe, Legolas’ Bow, Aragorn’s Sword Narsil, Boromir’s Horn of Gondor, The One Ring, Frodo’s Vest & Elven Cloak, Samwise’s Vest and Shirt, Galdalf The White’s Staff, Merry’s Vest, and Pippen’s Jacket and Scarf.

I’m not great at using my left hand, so the weapons hand is a little weak looking BUT at least the Elvish looks awesome…even if I did it upside down  OOPS! Not bad for a first go at nail art 😀

LOTR Fellowship Nails 2

Have a great weekend everyone!

❤ Jen

Nobody Takes Me Seriously

Its probably because most of the time I use humor to communicate the thoughts, feelings and events of my life, that I am not taken seriously.  Or… Perhaps its my higher and possibly annoying voice.  Perhaps its because it takes me a while to process information that isnt made perfectly clear to me. Perhaps its just me.  But even if it is me, treating someone with condenscention and disrespect is just a symptom of Jerk-itis.  I used to do it to people when I was younger because that is what I grew up with… all of my life. Sometimes my family would gang up on me about something they knew was false just because they didn’t want me to be right.  That breaks you as a kid, you know?  Anyway, someone showed me that it was wrong and hurtful and I decided to stop.  I have my moments where I feel like I need to condescend my way out of an argument, but its usually because the other person is being so self-righteous & uppity with me, that I’m compelled to take them down a notch.  Whatever my reasons, its wrong.

Its really really annoying when your son’s Pediatrician condescends to you simply because HE hasn’t made something perfectly clear.  Great, so not only do I feel like a terrible mom, an annoyingly uptight friend and an idiot in general, for my handling of James’ allergic reaction to dogs, but now I have to listen to highly educated man condescend to me.  His four, wall-hanging degrees looking at me with their glaring superiority.  I think I just saw a reflection of a giant TURD with smeared mascara and a droopy pony tail reflected at me.  Is that me?! Man, I look like crap today.

What bothers me about people who talk down to me, is that they actually believe they are NOT talking down to me.  If you don’t think you talk down to people, you probably do… all the time.  Lording knowledge (superior or otherwise) over someone with the intention to ‘help’ them is an excuse to be an a-hole. If you’ve ever used a compliment to hide an insult or criticism… that’s the worst form of manipulation and condenscention.  If you’ve ever used the “let me explain this to you” voice… that’s it too.  I’ve used them all before and still struggle to purge those tones & language from my vocabulary and behavior.

Here’s a suggestion, if you don’t agree with someone’s post; dont DO anything.  Don’t say things on their blog or page like “I respectfully disagree” and then totally misrepresent the persons views in some self righteously defensive manner.  There’s no room in an adult world for defensiveness, which is a sign of emotional immaturity (I know because I’ve been there).  I find it entirely unamusing that there is a specific type of person that will go to your blog/page and attack your viewpoint and completely misrepresent you in the process.  If you are a victim of those types, if you try to clarify or defend yourself, they will only say things like “just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that they are wrong.”  I wanna say to them, “didn’t you start this when you GROSSLY misrepresented my viewpoint, slandered my character, misquoted me and then attacked me as a person…on MY page?”  You cant go to someone’s ‘home’, attack them,  & expect them to take it lying down.  Especially when that attack is a complete and utter lie.  We have freedom of speech, so I don’t go around getting offended and defensive, then push my unresearched propaganda on THEIR blogs, pages, etc.  Why do people do that? Let the owner of the page say what the want, “like” it or say nothing.  But don’t get unjustly offended by something that wasn’t even written about you.  Post something on your page if your upset about it.

Is this a lecture post…


It’s a venting post.

There is a specific kind of person that goes around looking for a fight.  And they will find you if you speak anything “you” feel is good, righteous, or that causes someone to question themselves.  Personally, when I read other people’s viewpoints, I actually think about it.  I objectively look at it from all sides, then I make a decision.  Do I agree with that or not.  If I don’t… I don’t say anything.  I don’t go looking for a fight in someone elses home, but I will defend my home.

I’m just SO weary of being talked down to.  Btw… I think its my son’s Pediatrician’s fault!  I told him about these reactions over a dozen times.  I’ve called in, he’s been seen, I bring it up at every check up.  Then all of a sudden i’m the bad mom who lets her kids be around dogs.  He never told me James could die.  Last year he said, “its probably good if you don’t get a dog and try to limit his interaction with them.”  Does that sound like “if he’s around a dog, he could die”?  Not to me it doesn’t.  So to have him sit there and talk down to me about it was really painful.

I hate when other people cant just let me have a voice.  Someone has always been there to “correct” me, to “teach” me, and to “help” me.  Guess what.  I don’t need that kind of help.  Save the correction, teaching and help for when it’s really necessary. I need love and acceptance, encouragement and joy, praise and affection.  It doesn’t matter how loud or meek I am, nobody takes me seriously.

If any of you out there are feeling this way or are struggling with being the condescender, know that you are not alone.  I’ve been on both sides and I struggle with both sides daily.  It’s a silent sin really.  It’s not as juicy as lust, as shameful as stealing,  or as devastating as murder.  It’s subtle and devious.  Beating someone down with your words and body language to demote them is just as bad.  People who do this lust for the conflict with the intense, burning desire to always be right.  They steal a person’s self confidence and esteem because they don’t have any themselves.  Being right is all they have and all they desire.  Those people kill the dreams and aspirations of their targets.  Targets is a good choice of words considering these people seek out opportunity for conflict.

I have vowed to LOVE!  It is something I am driven to succeed at.  I fail at it miserably sometimes because i’m not perfect, but I refuse to walk through this life blind towards the tenderness of the human heart.  My hope is that one person might acknowlege this post and evaluate how they treat others.

As I said to my brother (apologizing for being angry with him for his condescending language) “It’s more important for me to be righteous, than to be right.”  It didn’t matter what he said to me publicly, I didn’t have the right to be angry with him publicly.  I really hope others have been convicted, as I am.  Maybe we can all vow together to better ourselves so that we can stop being the hurters who think they’re helping and really make a difference.

And now,

I’m sure there’s a diaper that needs changing 😉

Don’t Point That Turd At Me!


Since SuperHubby has been out of town this week things have gotten very interesting.  The beginning of the week is always easiest for the kids and the last two days are usually insane filled with frustration, tireness, sadness because they miss their daddy.


Here’s what happened last night as I posted on Facebook:

THE BIRD JUST GOT OUT!!! I managed to catch it. My poor MIDGE! 😦

I needed to clip their nails and midge snuck out! I caught her with very little stress and quickly but James got upset and almost cried. John was in awe. He kept pointing up and with an amazed look said “Boooooo” at least I got her nails trimmed WHEW!


James FARTED in my face!!!! I breathed it right in. Full on! … I can’t wait for Vernon to get home.

Midge on the left and Kevin on the right.

Midge on the left and Kevin on the right.

These are our Zebra Finches. Kevin and Midge! We’ve had them for 3 years, this spring. Midge is fine, but James is super concerned. Here’s the conversation we had after The Flight of The Zebra Finch.

James: Is Midge hurt? Can she fly again?
Me: She’s fine! Mommy saved her.
James: (quitely thinking with a furrowed brow) Is Kevin sad about Midge????? (his eyes a little watery)
Me: No honey. Keving not sad.

After about 15 min….
James: What happens when birds die?
Me: What? Honey.
James: Do birds die?
Me: Yes, son. Birds dies. Midge is going to be just fine.

My poor mommy heart…. I really really cant wait for Vernon to get home. 😦

Gumpy PantsIMG_1190

It was a very exciting and difficult night.  Bathtime was insane and getting them to bed was like trying to herd CATS!  So I thought that  when I woke up this morning, it was going to be a new day.  Shoot! We get to start another day over… on the right side, right????


The whining! Its just wouldn’t end! … and then the KIDS started whining.  I guess I didnt start everyone out on the right foot today.  Anyway!  I left the kids alone for 3 minutes so I could put on my gym clothes and here’s what I saw when I exited my bedroom.

The 2yo with his diaper off and a very concerned look on his face: “Mama?”

Me: What’s wron…. *GASP*

The 2yo is pointing a turd at me.  Yup!  On the tip of his tiny pointer finger is a smooshed and smelly Turd.

2yo again: “MAMA??????” (looking very worried)


I grab the baby and take him into his room to change him, clean off his hands and then I leave him on his changing pad (on the floor).  I run out to the living room to grab the diaper.  As I slowly pick it up and giant log rolls out onto the carpet.

Me:  NOOOOOOOOO!  sick sick sick sick sick

I turn around and there’s my half naked son laughing his tiny biscuits off. I grab the Poop Log with the diaper with one hand and the baby with the other and drag them both back to the bedroom.  There, I see poop kisses on the changing pad where his anus has been.  His rectum had left little tiny @$$ kisses all over it!!!!!   I throw down a towel and clean up the baby. I cry.  I laugh. I cry some more.  How do single moms do this?! I feel like I’m losing my mind and … I’m late for my gym appointment.  Oh well!  I probably should have taken pictures, right? 😉

I thought it ended there, but I got about half way through this entry when I was interrupted by silence.  Parents, you know what I’m talking about.  The Silence means one of two things: The children are doing something naughty or there is a mouthless alien behind you that you cant remember who is trying to kill you.  Both of these scenarios are very dangerous and press upon you that nagging suspicion that somehting horrible is happening but you don’t know what it is.

I went to find out what was going on and I see the 2yo with his diaper off AGAIN! There is another Butt Nugget on the floor and it has been baptized in Catholic fashion with his urine!! …. LOL!


Parenting is an adventure, for sure.  A big, stinky, hilarious adventure that I wouldn’t give up for all the Latinum in the universe.  I love my boys ❤ with both of my hearts! *It’s a Time Lord thing 😉

sigh…. its not too early for a drink, is it?



Yep. Its that time. O’Frizz:30 pm!

My second son at 7mos!

My second son at 7mos!

Yes indeed, it IS that hour of the day when my hair represents my state of mind.  I feel like I’m about to explode 😛 Pthbbbb!

I am having a very discouraging week so far. I’ve been sick with another random fever. No other symptoms. I thought it was the flu but it wasn’t. Just another FUO (Fever of Unknown Origin). Yep. It’s a real thing.


Our eldest is almost 5 now and he’s the sweetest little man. He is very caring and friendly but has been having a hard time making new friends at church. All of his friends ADORE him but I think the new kids are intimidated by his self confidence… maybe? They seem put off with how comfortable he is this new situation. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but its hard when he says the other kids wont play with him.

His potty training is halted again and we spoke to a Child Psychologist who recommended that we talk to our Pediatrician about the poop issue. I reminded her that we have been dealing with this for 18 months now and even his Dr is at a loss. Im feeling so desperate!  She was helpful and encouraging in stating that his particular disorder, Postural Ocular Disorder (a subtype of Sensory Processing Disorder), is a low incident and rare disorder so there are not a lot “how to’s” about it. Well at least I know I’m not going crazy when I spend hours on the internet to find nothing!  However, its very hard when your little guy is reaching this huge milestone of life and still cant use the potty.

She also suggested we look into sending him to Public School and having him enrolled in Special Education.  My mind immediately went back in time to when I was in school and Special Ed was for kids with mental retardation and severe physical/mental disabilities!  I tried not to freak out and reassure myself that it’s been, like, 30 years since I was 5yo and that Special Ed has probably changed.  But inside, my heart was just breaking.  I couldn’t help it.  I was thinking that his life would be over if he went to public school NOW.  All of his sweetness, self confidence and esteem would be stolen from him by the taunting children who hate all things different.  Did I mention I was kind of freaking out inside? I did. Okay.

So anyway, I’m having a discouraging week.  I’m not worried that he won’t get better.  I’m sad that its come to this.  A reevaluation of all of our plans and a change of heart towards what we desire.  It’s not bad… it’s sad.  I want to homeschool, but I’m afraid to homeschool.  Now that it may not be best for him to be homeschooled, I want to homeschool more!  weird… I know. I’m remembering all the hurtful laughs and not understanding where they came from.  I was defenseless and didn’t have anyone to teach me about socialization, but my son isn’t defenseless.  I’ve been through it all and come out stronger on the other side.  I’ve been able to see my mistakes in school (socially) and learn from them.  He’ll be so much better off than me.  I’m still freaking out and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope about the situation, but that means there’s a little bit of hope.  And God can do a lot with a little bit!

Whew! I can feel my hair starting to settle down now 😉

Putting Us Out of Our Monday Misery

My friend Heather A. posted this on Facebook today and I wanted to share this with all of you:

HOLY COW!! I heard the saddest sounds coming from down the hall, so I jumped out of bed, stumbled around until I realized the wailing was in my kitchen…I opened the fridge and figured out it was the cheesecake. It was bereft at having been left there for over 24 hours, and didn’t want to be stuck with all the veggies, leftovers and *gasp* common cheese. So I put it out of its misery…I think we both feel better now.

Thanks Heather A. for putting us all out of our Monday misery by giving us a big smile and belly laugh!  You’re the best find… not just friend… but find.  Because I found you ❤  Have a great Monday everyone!

Five Year Olds Writing



So a friend of mine, Floanna (name changed for privacy), suggested I post this.  My son is a month away from turning 5 years old.  Let me just pause for a second as I process that reality… MY BABY IS TURNING FIVE?!?!   WAA-AAAAH!   Now that I’ve composed myself, I just want to say that he is really a good story teller.  He’s been telling us very intricate stories for about a year now, but today he practically wrote a screenplay in his head.  It was kind of a Process Drama for lack of a better word.  It goes beyond pretending because he had it all blocked out but welcomed outside input!  Anyway,  though I’m very proud of him, this isn’t to brag about him.  It’s just to set you up for a good laugh, to encourage you and bring you some joy today!

I’ve written this down word for word exactly how it happened and I’m surprised how wonderfully it makes sense.  Mostly, it just cracks me up.  He’s got quite the imagination.  This story is based on a mix of children’s shows… SuperWhy, Noonbory, and Dora The Explorer.  ENJOY!  I hope this brings you a smile.




(this is a PDF file so you’ll need a reader like Adobe, in order to read it) Have a great day everyone!

The Doctor Who, Tom Baker, Season 12 Scarf….For Beginners!

I’ve really enjoyed my time off over the holiday season as the kids and I soak up all of SuperDad while he’s off of work.  I’m back now and working on some great Geek Crafts!  Firstly, my Dalek Purse complete with 3D Eggs and light up Eye Stalk.  Secondly, I taught myself how to knit and a group of ladies and gents are making their own Tom Baker’s Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf.

I am so excited to be a part of a Facebook group called Geeks United In Crafts.  Natali brought a bunch together to knit this project and it’s so much fun to see all of their cool yarn purchases and project progress!   But I’m behind and my stitches are too sloppy to make the scarf look good.  So I took the Official Doctor Who Scarf websites pattern and adjusted it to accomidate new learners.  I’m using a larger needle and thicker thread.   It wont at all be authentic looking stitch wise, but it will allow me to join the group and produce a decent scarf!  I cant wait to see how it turns out.  For better or worse, I’m married to this project 😀



For The Official Doctor Who Scarf Pattern click here

SuperHubby and Sensory Integration Struggles

I’ve always worried about my husband’s strength.  He is incredibly strong and extremely goofy.  That’s not  meant to be an insult! Its simply a fact.  I’m married to man who once gave himself a concussion by walking into a post at Walmart.  I’m married to a man who rips handles off of microwaves, doors off their hinges and gets seriously hurt without even knowing it.  I was never embarrassed by this behavior but I sadly admit that I judged him as foolish for it.

It’s not fair to think your husband a fool even when all signs point to its truth!  But its not fair because it doesn’t take into account that there may be a real reason for the clumsiness and apparent recklessness.  My husband has been severly hurt many times throughout his life doing some of the most normal things.  As a child he’s broken bones, suffered concussions, and been stitched up by his surgeon father at the kitchen table more times than he’d like to remember.

As an adult he gets hurt less bc he’s not as active, but when he does get hurt, its usually pretty bad.  Over the last year he has made a couple different attempts to get fit by running.  Every time, I remind him to go easy and not push himself.  Then he gets home from his first run and he looks like he’s on death’s doorstep.  He’s made himself much sicker than the usual puking episode.  He’s been in serious pain and dangerous condition before.

Thursday we had our first workout sessions and both of us felt fine afterward.  We received lots of compliments from the trainers about how hard working we were and that it was refreshing to be around people who didn’t quit.  I’ve been great and suffered only the right amount of soreness.  Vernon however was not so lucky.  The danger of having Sensory Processing Disorder as an adult is that your body doesn’t know the word “no.”  It will literally push itself to the extreme.  Hence, door handles being ripped off.  There’s no feedback between the brain and muscles that regulate movement.  So my husband cant tell the trainer “this is too much.” and because of that he is in sorry shape right now.

So! His arm has this huge swollen knot on it and he is one sick dude.  He’s pushing fluids to get out the toxins that are building up in his kidneys because he’s RUINED his muscles.  He’s literally torn them so bad that the broken down muscle tissue is turning his pee Cola brown and making him whimper like a ten day old puppy… Poor guy!  He cant even put a phone to his ear 😦  He’s laying in bed, icing his swollen arm, learning all about Alexandria on Netflix and getting some well deserved rest after caring for our sorry sick booties this weekend.  When he can work out again, it will be a challenge for his trainers to keep him out of harms way.  I called them and they’re already planning to meet and talk about a solution.  Gotta love these guys! ❤

In the meantime, I’m watching over him and hopefully we’ll avoid Urgent Care tonight 😉

A New Life Makeover

Over the last several months I have gone though some ups and some downs.  Really big downs.  I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere, I wasn’t doing anything of value, and that I was bored out of my mind.  Through the help of my wonderful friends I have since been able to shake off that depression and begin to ACT.  For one thing, I needed to forget all of the insanity the world has to offer in all of its negativity.  One of my best friends told me that it really pained them to see how others has stolen my joy because that was not who I was or was created to be.  She really helped me see that I needed to repent for agreeing with those people and to forgive them.  I’ve since been freed from those painful words, looks, scoffs and other insensitivities.

Now that I wasn’t holding on to the weight those words carried, I felt that I needed to address this attitude of self worth. Having the ability to stay home and raise a family is a blessing.  Not everyone feels that way or even respects that.  But for me, it is an absolute blessing.  So why didn’t I see it that way anymore?  Why did a feel like the wife no one would want to come home to or the mom that every kid would be happy to leave? I just felt like I didn’t matter and to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with the whole “you’re a mom, that’s your job for the next 18-25 years.”  That sounded horribly mundane to me especially since we are going to homeschool the kids.  Even with field trips, play dates and all kinds of outtings, I felt trapped.  Enslaved even!

The BOREDOM is unbelieveable.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am busy!  Really busy!  But its the repetitive mundane busy that grinds the brain down into a powdery mush.  That was the last straw.  The straw that catapulted me into a full blown depression.  Not just the blues, but a full on pajama wearing, no showering mess!  I stayed there awhile, even after that wonderful talk with my Bestie.  It was better that I didn’t have hurtful memories weighing me down but I was still bored and ungrateful.

So I did something about it!  I talked to SuperHubby about redoing our finances and finding money that we were just blowing and doing something fun and healthy with it.  We talked a lot over the last month and we are going to get a cleaning service once a month!  I actually love to clean and I think I’m good at it, but with the responsibility homeschooling (which is nonexistant at the moment) and all the others stuff that I need to do to keep healthy, cleaning is just overwhelming.  Having those extra hours will allow me to worry less about chores and focus on schooling the boys.

Next, we joined a gym!!!! Im so excited about this because I desperately need to workout and play.  So do the kids. They don’t nearly get enough exercise.  The gym has a Kids Klub with crazy fun things for them to climb on and play with!  So while I’m working out and laughing with the ladies, theyll be running themselves tired.  Which means they’ll be hungrier and actually want to eat the food I serve them 😉

I’m also planning on eliminating certain tempation food from the house and start eating healthier.  I love to bake and I hate to cook.  I really really really HATE it.  So some things need to change there.  I have found some great baking recipes for healthy eating and I’m so thankful that its cold now because that means it SOUP SEASON!  Lots of great healthy choices there 😀  So we’re on our way to a whole new life.

I wrote down a list of all things I’m expected to be: Beautiful Wife, Loving Mom, Good Friend, Perfect Teacher, Tidy Housekeeper, Healthy Chef, Potty Training Expert, Dishwasher, Launderer, Gardener, Adventure Provider, Shopping Expert, Workout Specialist, Savvy Financer.

I have found that i cannot reasonably be great at any of these! There is too many to juggle.  So I’ve taken those expectations are rewritten them to be more pracitcal and I still can’t do it all.  There are so many things that suffer especially my marriage.   So I don’t feel bad for asking for help with house or paying a little extra money to have fun getting in shape!  Life was meant to be lived humbly and with lots of fun and adventure!


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