O’Frizz Thirty is… That Hour When My Hair Reflects My State Of Mind!

I’m REAL. A REAL wife, a REAL mom,  and a REAL woman who loves everybody with her whole heart (without prejudice).

Writing a huge description about myself or about why you should read my blog seems a little self-gratif-itory-ish, doesn’t it?  I’ll just let my character be revealed through my posts.

I’m finding my lost NerdGeek who has been buried under years of fear-of-rejection, acting like a grownup and lack of time.  Woohoo!  I’m discovering all kinds of new stuff and loving every minute of it.  I can’t wait to see what all of you think about a 35 year old woman acting like a 12 year old discovering a new toy!  All things SciFi are of interst to me and I’m even getting into comics!  Yay!

What Takes Up My Day: Momming it up, Cloth Diapering, Homeschooling, Playing and Laughing with my 2 Boys, and chilling with my own SuperHubby

Recent Media Addictions: Doctor Who, Twitter, The Guild, TableTop, Geek&Sundry, all things Felicia Day, Sci-Fi Ebooks

Any comments that are nice, fluffy, constructive, sensitive, adequately sarcastic or ride in on a rainbow of smiles will be welcomed with approval.

That being said…

Any comments that are snarky, jerk-oid, nasty, hurty, mean or yucky will be met with the power of my BadCommentinator and be blasted into the void like the Dalek/Cyberman invasion force.  So…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all.  Or if you wouldn’t say it directly to that person’s face, don’t write it and close your browser window like a chicken.  Bawk Bawk Ba-Gawk!


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