Bean and Corn Salsa


I have been on a Daniel Fast for the last 7 days and have been scouring Pinterest for Vegan type recipes. I came across a recipe for Black Bean and Corn Salsa that looked great but I didn’t have all the ingredients.

Here’s my own delectable adaptation…

1 15oz can of Pinto Beans
1/2 15oz can of Sweet Corn
2 Medium Avocados
1 Roma tomato – diced
3 Sweet Peppers – diced
1 Lime
Salt to Taste

I ate mine with Simple Truth Organic White Corn Chips…yum!

We didn’t have onions, jalapeños, or cilantro on hand, but this still tasted very good.

Here’s what works about the recipe…
1. Avocados …I hate them but they are a must for this recipe! It’s like having Sour Cream on your chip with out the lactose and gas!

2. The Sweet Peppers… I credit this woman’s recipe that I adapted with putting this on the ingredient list. These add the pepper taste without any heat. It’s like candy in your salsa!

3. Fresh Lime Juice… For me this gave it an authentic Mexican flavor with out the onions (which I can’t eat), garlic and cilantro.

I’ve had a huge craving for sweets and this knocked it out of me without a single fruit or grain of sugar in it. Also, I’m going to make this again with Black Beans next time, which will make it prettier, and I’ll add another avocado (says the avocado hater…I only added one tonight. Not nearly enough.)

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


  1. So yummy!! My mother used to make this for me all the of my all time faves!

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