The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode aired worldwide this past Saturday, November 23, 2013.  It was EPIC!  I watched it with my Bestie, Machie right before we left to catch Catching Fire at the theater.  I was still completely high from the experience, when Monday rolled around and all our Geek buds saw it again in 3D!  It was like being at SDCC again… So many Cosplays and young people there. I am always to thankful to see the young teenagers enjoying the show because it gives me hope that the show will keep on going ❤

Anyway, these are the nails I painted for the showing.  It’s a history of the Daleks.  My favorite versions of the most feared and ruthless killing machines.   Hope you all enjoyed the 50th as much as I did!


  1. This. Is. Fantastic.
    I’ve seen it at the cinema, and loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
    Catching fire was cool too : )
    Haha, I’m wearing a Catching Fire mani right now ; )

    • That’s awesome! I loved Catching Fire ❤ I wish the movie had been four hours long though! LOL!

      • Exactly!
        I was LITERALLY just thinking, before I read your comment that they should’ve made it into a TV series – at least like Sherlock or Game of Thrones – both in terms of quality and length of episodes – and I was also thinking I’d pay to see them in the cinema…

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