I’m reblogging this post that I feel is very important for us as parents to be aware of. I have posted my reply in the comments section below.

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It was an evening last week when I learned that my Tween, a very sensitive and empathic girl, is chatting with a friend who is, at the same time over the phone with another friend escorting the local police searching for another (fourth) friend suspected of trying to commit suicide, per her FB.

In case you’ve lost me, this is the situation: My kid is sitting on her bed trembling and crying, while I am staring at her I-pad unbelievably, chat lines running extremely fast saying:  “Diane is not at the living room… wait, looking for her at the kitchen…not there! Perhaps she already did it! Wait, the police is entering the bathroom… Here she is! She is alive! She tried to kill herself!” Etc.

Once I was sure that Diane (which my daughter is not familiar with) is ok, and that her parents are aware of what’s happening in…

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  1. I started “cutting” when I was 20 years old (15 years ago) and I had never heard of it. It was something that I did to bring me back from the depths of despair and insanity. I finally met a woman through a group I was attending, for an unrelated problem, who showed me a made for tv movie about it. I really thought the movie was full of carp at the time, because of the reason the girls gave for cutting. They said that they cut so that they could “feel something because I feel nothing inside.”

    Most of us who had started “cutting” on their own with no knowledge of it being done by anyone else, all agree that “cutting” was a way to control the emotions that drove us to the deepest darkest depression and despair. It snapped me out of it and made me see what was real. The cut on my arm was real, not the emotional world of torment. That’s why it is so dangerous and addictive. However, there was only a very fine line between “control” and “givingup”. Several times I was closer to “giving up” than “control”.

    I”m not sure why it has become such a phenomenon. I suppose as something gets more attention, it begins to put ideas in young impressionable minds. Like any drug, you can paint it as bad or wrong, but to a desperate soul, it can seem like help. There is a danger to over publicizing things. Young girls and boys are extremely vulnerable. Their lives are not as simple as ours were. It so sad that they have to worry about cyber bullying and the constant bombardment of unhealthy images. They live in constant fear of rejection and humiliation. No child is equipped to handle that level of pressure. Im not surprised at all anymore when I see these devastating things happen to young teens and preteens… and that terrifies me.

    Thank you for sharing this post. I’m going to reblog it because I, too, feel its an important issue for parents to be aware of.

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