Five Year Olds Writing



So a friend of mine, Floanna (name changed for privacy), suggested I post this.  My son is a month away from turning 5 years old.  Let me just pause for a second as I process that reality… MY BABY IS TURNING FIVE?!?!   WAA-AAAAH!   Now that I’ve composed myself, I just want to say that he is really a good story teller.  He’s been telling us very intricate stories for about a year now, but today he practically wrote a screenplay in his head.  It was kind of a Process Drama for lack of a better word.  It goes beyond pretending because he had it all blocked out but welcomed outside input!  Anyway,  though I’m very proud of him, this isn’t to brag about him.  It’s just to set you up for a good laugh, to encourage you and bring you some joy today!

I’ve written this down word for word exactly how it happened and I’m surprised how wonderfully it makes sense.  Mostly, it just cracks me up.  He’s got quite the imagination.  This story is based on a mix of children’s shows… SuperWhy, Noonbory, and Dora The Explorer.  ENJOY!  I hope this brings you a smile.




(this is a PDF file so you’ll need a reader like Adobe, in order to read it) Have a great day everyone!


  1. I just love your son’s creativity as he blends the shows together. I read this with a huge smile. 🙂

  2. Love “The Brokener”….sounds suessian to me : )

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