The Doctor Who, Tom Baker, Season 12 Scarf….For Beginners!

I’ve really enjoyed my time off over the holiday season as the kids and I soak up all of SuperDad while he’s off of work.  I’m back now and working on some great Geek Crafts!  Firstly, my Dalek Purse complete with 3D Eggs and light up Eye Stalk.  Secondly, I taught myself how to knit and a group of ladies and gents are making their own Tom Baker’s Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf.

I am so excited to be a part of a Facebook group called Geeks United In Crafts.  Natali brought a bunch together to knit this project and it’s so much fun to see all of their cool yarn purchases and project progress!   But I’m behind and my stitches are too sloppy to make the scarf look good.  So I took the Official Doctor Who Scarf websites pattern and adjusted it to accomidate new learners.  I’m using a larger needle and thicker thread.   It wont at all be authentic looking stitch wise, but it will allow me to join the group and produce a decent scarf!  I cant wait to see how it turns out.  For better or worse, I’m married to this project 😀



For The Official Doctor Who Scarf Pattern click here

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