SuperHubby and Sensory Integration Struggles

I’ve always worried about my husband’s strength.  He is incredibly strong and extremely goofy.  That’s not  meant to be an insult! Its simply a fact.  I’m married to man who once gave himself a concussion by walking into a post at Walmart.  I’m married to a man who rips handles off of microwaves, doors off their hinges and gets seriously hurt without even knowing it.  I was never embarrassed by this behavior but I sadly admit that I judged him as foolish for it.

It’s not fair to think your husband a fool even when all signs point to its truth!  But its not fair because it doesn’t take into account that there may be a real reason for the clumsiness and apparent recklessness.  My husband has been severly hurt many times throughout his life doing some of the most normal things.  As a child he’s broken bones, suffered concussions, and been stitched up by his surgeon father at the kitchen table more times than he’d like to remember.

As an adult he gets hurt less bc he’s not as active, but when he does get hurt, its usually pretty bad.  Over the last year he has made a couple different attempts to get fit by running.  Every time, I remind him to go easy and not push himself.  Then he gets home from his first run and he looks like he’s on death’s doorstep.  He’s made himself much sicker than the usual puking episode.  He’s been in serious pain and dangerous condition before.

Thursday we had our first workout sessions and both of us felt fine afterward.  We received lots of compliments from the trainers about how hard working we were and that it was refreshing to be around people who didn’t quit.  I’ve been great and suffered only the right amount of soreness.  Vernon however was not so lucky.  The danger of having Sensory Processing Disorder as an adult is that your body doesn’t know the word “no.”  It will literally push itself to the extreme.  Hence, door handles being ripped off.  There’s no feedback between the brain and muscles that regulate movement.  So my husband cant tell the trainer “this is too much.” and because of that he is in sorry shape right now.

So! His arm has this huge swollen knot on it and he is one sick dude.  He’s pushing fluids to get out the toxins that are building up in his kidneys because he’s RUINED his muscles.  He’s literally torn them so bad that the broken down muscle tissue is turning his pee Cola brown and making him whimper like a ten day old puppy… Poor guy!  He cant even put a phone to his ear 😦  He’s laying in bed, icing his swollen arm, learning all about Alexandria on Netflix and getting some well deserved rest after caring for our sorry sick booties this weekend.  When he can work out again, it will be a challenge for his trainers to keep him out of harms way.  I called them and they’re already planning to meet and talk about a solution.  Gotta love these guys! ❤

In the meantime, I’m watching over him and hopefully we’ll avoid Urgent Care tonight 😉


  1. Oh man. Father God please heal Vernon up to his Superhubby self and give him signs for when he needs to take it easy. Give SuperMom the strength to be the wife she needs to be for his care and recovery. We love them just as you do Father! I ask this in Jesus;’ name!

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