The Mystery Poop Log


I know I talk a lot about poop, but right now… THATS my life.  I walked in the door today and the entire house smelled like a dirty bathroom in a Mexican Restaraunt!  I’m not being racist, it literally smelled like burritos and turds.  Appartently both the kids had poopy diapers for a while before I came home and the burritos we had eaten for lunch smoldered from the decaying process in the trash.  It was eye watering!  The smell extraction process should have required a hazmat team but I really didn’t feel our crisis required government intervention.  So I did it myself!  All the trashes were taken out, kids changed, and the mother of all oil burners was lit.  Yet as I sit here at my computer, I smell it.  I can smell a poop.  It is only right near my computer….In front of my face.  When I look down I expect to see it sitting on the tab key, but no.  It’s The Mystery Poop Log.  It’s haunting me with it’s appetite killing aroma and I can feel my hair falling out as the stress builds.  Sigh…I can’t wait for the day when my house smells like it should… POOP FREE!

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