Rockin’ The Doctor on New Kicks

YAAAAAAAY! I’m so excited these are finally done.  This has been a project that had to take a back seat for a bit, but I’m so pleased with how they turned out.  I can’t wait for Super Hubby to take me out…. I NEED to get my Geek on.

So here’s the story of how I was inspired to make the shoes and the process!  I will be linking sites and referencing artists so you all can check out their amazing art.  These men and women are truly gifted and I’ve been immensely blessed by them.  So… thank you, stranger people who are way way more talented than I!

My love for The Doctor started when I was pregnant with my youngest in 2010.  My friend “Machie” had insisted I watch the show for a over a year but I was still trying to catch up on Bones (which, she also insisted that I watch). Sigh… I know, she’s amazing.  By the way, her version of insisting was to gently remind me through gmail chat how good the last episode she watched was. ANYWAY!  After the Bones season finale I started watching Doctor Who and it…was…awesome.  I had never seen a show as good as this one was and I owe all the joy and wonder that I’ve experienced from that wonderful, wonderful man, to my Super Bestie… “Machie”  I LOVE YOU, MACHIE!

This summer, I saw a pair of Blue Tardis shoes online that had the Fashionable Geek in an uproar 😉 and I fell in love.  I had to find these shoes!  There was no artist listed on Fashionably Geek, but I didn’t have to look hard. The shoes were designed and painted by CANVAS WARRIORS.  Check this girl out!  She’s amazing!  She has Converse All Star Chucks painted with Twilight, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Comic Heroes, Star Trek, (check it @Keeba13) Supernatural, and a pair of purple Joker shoes that will make your head frickin’ spin! Amazing!  She’s based in the UK and she’s a Super Cutie.  Oh how I wanted to give her my money!  Sadly, we JUST couldn’t afford it.

So I decided to make my own.  Not to knock off her art because I have absolutely no ability to draw or paint.  Instead, I decided to use printable fabric to adhere my favorite Doctor Who images to a pair of my own Converse All Star Chuck XX Hi’s.  I’ve been using this product to make special baby books for friends and thought this would be a great alternative.  It’s not NEARLY as impressive as hand painted canvas shoes are, but it’s good enough for me and affordable.

This is the image that made me fall in love with Girl On The Moon!

I found a lot of images online on, wallpapers on Google images, and shopping sites.  (I posted about an artist a couple of months ago who blew me away with her lovely Fan Art.  I purchased five of her prints because I absolutely adore her.  Not only is she talented, but she’s a beautiful person.  Check out my post here. Girl On The Moon is an amazing artist!)  I picked my favorites, asked permission from her and then I printed the images out on cardstock.  I made a template of the shoe and began to design.


I adjusted image sizes and took pictures of the final designs.

Then, printed the final images onto the printable fabric.


Next I ironed the images onto the shoe according to the product directions and sealed the shoes with 4 coats of Clear Acrylic Spray Paint.


I made the left shoe into The Doctor and his companions and the right shoe into The Doctor’s enemies.  The only thing I wish I had done differently is created one facing side The Doctor/Companions and the other facing side Enemies.  That way, if you see me from one side its Good Guys and If you see me from the other side, its enemies.  Oh well! Hindsight.

Overall, I’m really please with how these turned out and I’m alread planning another pair… SPOILERS. 😉

Special thanks to these artists:

Sandira Reddy at CANVAS WARRIORS for inspiring me!

Lydia Butz for her truly moving artwork of The Doctor.  Find her on! Girl-on-the-moon  You can also see more of her artwork here in my post entitled Girl On The Moon – Doctor Who Artist

I’d Travel In The TARDIS by ~BakaSara

~BakaSara for capturing one of the most beautifully bitter moments on Doctor Who.  Find her on! ~BakaSara

The Girl Who Waited by Alice ~alicexz

Alice for this beautiful painting of “Caitlin Blackwood as young Amelia Pond” named The Girl Who Waited. Find her on! ~alicexz

Doctor Who Silurian sketchcard by NIK-Nick

NIK-Nick for this gorgeous painting of a Silurian!

Dr Who Judoon by Martin (webmartin99)

Martin (with an accent mark over the i) for the drawing of a Judoon that almost made me think they were handsome 😉  Truly amazing work. Find him on!   webmartin99

Your Faithful Companion by Donna ~girlinterruptedbyart

Donna for this amazing drawing of the 10th Doctor’s companions! So good 😀 Find her on! ~girlinterruptedbyart

*Again, my humble apologies for a lack of professionalism due to emotional excitement.  You all are amazing artists!


  1. You are WELCOME Bestie. 🙂 And for the record folks, I “pushed” my bestie to watch these shows because she’s my only truly nerdy friend! I needed someone to geek out with me on the awesomeness that is DW! 🙂

  2. My drawing :)) Boots look fab! x

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Brother’s wedding coming up and tons to do. Whew! Thanks so much for allowing me to love your art on my footwear! It really pops out doesnt it? you’re amazing!

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