I think I just experienced a blogging hangover!  My last two posts took two whole days to write and I felt like I certainly gave people enough to read.  It was at least a weeks worth LOL!  Sorry for the long gap, though.

UPDATE:  JEM is doing great with his potty training. We are on a plateau right now and I realize that’s not a bad thing.  He’s getting the basics down and I’m really proud of him.  We always look at plateau’s like they are some kind of report card to our parents about the one subject we’re sucking at.  But plateaus are good, man!  Hey if you’ve lost 40 and you are plateauing right now, here’s what you need to do.  Stop, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and feel dam proud of your accomplishment because, lets face it, you look good! Plateaus give a us a freaking break from all the climbing we just did on that Mount Everest Challenge we just did.  God wants us to have a break, enjoy our accomplishment and bask in His grace.  Now when I say “Plateau”, you say “Ho!”  “Plateau!” *pause for audience participation* “Plateau!” *pause* Awwww Yeah! The 90’s were dope, yo. 😉

Shout out to you, Machie! 40 pounds total lost weight!!!! w00t!


After a break to get things in order, we have now started Kindergarten! w00t

We got the school room glitter proofed, organized and a bunch of schooly stuff purchased.  I thought we were going to be more prepared on Monday for JEM’s first day, but we weren’t. The beauty of homeschooling! And I wanted it to be a memorable day for him, but I’m just not great at that kind of thing.  Turns out it was pretty memorable for him without pancakes in the morning and special lunch box (that he requested).  He was so excited to do his new online Kindergarten that he forgot to care about anything else… whew. 🙂

As I read other blogger’s send their little kiddos out the door for their first days of Kindergarten, my heart just burst for them.  It’s such a tender time in a parent’s life and such a huge step for the little ones.  I really admire their honesty about what that process was like for them.  I’m really glad that I am not going to experience those emotions.  I’d be laying on the floor in a puddle of my own snot and tears.  How parents keep it together in front of the children is an absolute miracle.  You go guys!  Again, I am really glad I’m not going to go through that.

We’ve always wanted to homeschool our kids but as we got closer to school age, my thoughts wavered back and forth.  Mainly out of my insecurity about being a good teacher. I also thought about all the things they would miss out on.  That first bus ride, the first sack lunch, the first story time, first music or PE class, the first homework assignment.  Then I thought about it again, he’d also miss out on the first criticism, the first tease, all the insecurity and all of the time waisted waiting around.  Overall, homeschooling him is best for them.  Especially for JEM. He already shows so much confidence and I’m thankful for him.  I am greatly convicted by those firsts that he’ll miss, though.  It’s my job to make sure that his school experience is just as fun and memorable as those who are schooled publicly.  So….. HERE WE GOOOOOO!


  1. I was homeschooled for years by my mom. We lived out in the middle of nowhere in Northwest Ontario, so it was actually pretty common for kids around there. We had a huge homeschooling group. We got together every month for an event. It was a great experience!

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