I’ve been trying to compose a blog post for, like, four days now. My brain has been scrambled, my heart has been trampled, and my eyes burned out by the internet. What a week!  Anyway, after a long and truly sad week (where I didn’t even check Twitter for three days… GASP!), I decided to post something that’s been on my mind.

No matter what you believe about how we as humans came to be, it is a fact, that without one another we cannot survive.  No matter where you’re from, how you’re raised, what your personality type is or what you like…we really need each other.  I often go through these phases of hanging out all the time and filling my schedule so full I cant catch my breathe and phases where I don’t call, email, tweet or really even think about anyone.  For those of you who know me, thanks for putting up with me and my phases.

Here’s my thought: we need time to be together and time for personal reflection and if we lean towards one preference, we’re not really getting the best out of life.  For those of us who are always running around, yelling and laughing, from house to house, place to place, if we don’t stop to take a look around, we can become self-centered.  Or we might never grow because we don’t slow down enough for others to tell we’re messing up.  We might even push others out of our life.  For those of us who spend most of our time alone with our thoughts, we might become self-centered too. Or we might never grow because others aren’t around to tell us when we’re messing up. We might even push others out of our life.  I need to be with my friends as much as I need time to sort out my carp.  Without a community who understands this balance, I dont’ know how I’d survive wife-ness and mom-age.  It’s hard! It’s wonderful, fulfilling, joyful and fun…and it hard! So I’m going to keep trying to balance the two important needs without the long extreme phases.  It’ll take time, but I think I can do it.   😉


  1. Linda Grow Noecker says:

    I love and support you. May you attain a great score on life’s balance beam.

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