This Used To Be An Inspiring Message

SuperHubby is probably the most creative and intelligent computer programmer I have ever met.  He’s also tinkerer and trying to network our computers he lost my blog entry while I was typing it.  Note to self: SAVE while typing when SuperHubby is home 😉

So instead of rewriting what took me 2 hours originally, including child interruptions, I’m just going to say it was really awesome and you missed out. #Sarcasm

It was really good though. Hope poured over every sentence and encouragement sprang like a fountain from every punctual notation.  The words strung together like a savant  composed symphony and cherubs descended from heaven wrapping the computer in silky scarfs. The planets aligned, galaxies spun in unison, and the entropy of the universe ceased for a few moments. I floated out of my body and looked down at myself and watched mesmerized by the power that flowed as my fingers flew over the keyboard. Poetry doesnt come close to describing the sheer brilliance of it. *sigh*

Oh well!  Here’s a Poop Log picture for you

SUPER GROSS, butt there’s nothing funnier than bathroom humor to me *wink*.   Enjoy your weekend!  See ya back on Monday!


  1. That’s really funny, especially since Matthew’s favorite activity is attempting to fish Michaela’s poo out of the toilet and yes, he has gone for poo lipstick…..yuck!

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