My Father : Celebrating Today

As my family approaches the anniversary of my father’s passing, I began to feel real dread for the first time since he died.  I’ve felt sad and I’ve missed him, but I really haven’t felt much pain, grief or loss, yet.  I’ve had a difficult year due to lots of things so I haven’t had time to really focus on one particular thing that’s causing my pain.  I take time to feel the emotion then I let it go.  I sounds a lot easier than it is, but with little ones and other pressing issues, that’s all I can do.  So August 25th is approaching and for the first time there’s a real pit in my stomach.

Why am I waiting around for the anniversary of the day my dad took his own life…a day that hurt so badly?!  It makes no sense to look forward to a day that will make me feel bad.  So I choose to celebrate TODAY! July 26, 1946, Thomas Duane Noecker was born and lives were changed all around the world.  Without him I would not be here to love the way I love, feel the way I feel, touch the people I touch, or play the way I play!!!! I love today!  Today is a great day.  I’m not going to dread the day my dad left.  I’m going to celebrate the anniversay of his birth.  The day that God and the angels celebrated!

I’m so thankful for my daddy.  He loved me and I have the fondest memories of him.  I hope others who are missing him today will join me as we celebrate his birth.  A day that changed all of our lives forever… for the better.  I love each and everyone of you!  And for those of you I have not met, I love you too. 🙂

Special Note To:

Those of you whose fathers have taken their own lives, I hurt with you.

Those of you who didn’t know your dad and maybe feel a hole, I feel that hole with you.

To those of you, who maybe wish they didn’t know your dad, I choose to feel that pain with you.

It says, “Grieve with those who are grieving and celebrate with those who celebrate.”  I celebrate my father, but I also celebrate today.  A day, that even without my father, is filled with people that I love.  I hope that by choosing to join your grief, you can choose to join my celebration of today.  It’s okay to have bad days but if you want to share a good day with me, I’m here 😉

Until the next post! Love Big! Play Hard!


  1. Very nice, Jen. Those pictures are priceless; sweet reminders of his love for you. He adored you, and you him! I am celebrating his life with you today. Love ya!

  2. I love that pic of him snuggling Dan. So cute.

  3. Linda Noecker says:

    Dear Jen,
    What a beautiful tribute and celebration of your Daddy and my beloved. Thank you!

  4. Every year on my dad’s birthday and Father’s day- it’s a hard day. It’s been 5 years for me. Something a friend told me about when her mom passed, she makes her mom’s favorite dinner on the occassions like anniversary of her passing, or her birthday. I started doing that too and it helps a little. For his birthday I’ll try to make his favorite cake (Pineapple upside down or carrot) I miss my dad so much too.

    • Losing a parent is hard. Trying to celebrate their lives and overcoming the circumstances of their passing is challenging. I think that making a special meal or treat is a great idea! I think I’ll try that and go get a package of Twinkies. 😉 He has such a sweet tooth. I might even watch a movie that we used to watch together. Thanks for the suggestion and my thoughts are with you this weekend.

  5. GoofyGuy40 says:

    Wow, O’Frizz…that’s an amazing tribute. I miss him, too, but I’m been mostly successful at using the same approach. When I start to get sad about missing Dad, I try to focus on all the fun we had.

    Jen: (little kid voice) “No, Daddy, don’t go in there [the hot tub]. It’s too COLD!!”
    Dad: (little kid voice) “I will…”

    (for everyone else: sorry, for that to be funny, you almost certainly had to be there – but Jen and I will share a really good laugh over it 😉

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