Balancing Wifedom, Momdom, Frienddom & Everything Else


Great idea #1: Let’s start the blog with a confession!  I struggle with depression.

Great idea #2: Set everyone at ease! I find things to help me overcome the blues.

Great idea #3: Discuss these effort I make? Being thankful!

I’ve struggled with depression my whole life.  I get really high highs and super low lows and since I became a Christian the lows happen less often. They do still come around when the monotinaity of life hits hard and I find myself reeling from boredom’s round house kicks to the face. So…Ive had to come to terms with the fact that, despite how I feel, I have responsibilities.  But it doesn’t mean I cant have fun!

Balancing being a woman of faith, a wife, a mom, a friend, a maid, a cloth diaperer (mega-launderer), a teacher, a secretary, an artist, a comedian and all the other things I’ve been blessed with, is overwhelming.  After our second son was born I felt like I was going to crack under the pressure.  Everyone was patient in the home and helped me through the post partum blues.  Just when I felt like I was going to lose it, I decided to get back on Facebook, start a Twitter account, and create a blog. Adding some new roles to the already long list. However, it’s been a lifesaver.

I have found a community that I can be myself in.  I have a large group of supporting family and friends, but most of the women don’t share my love for film and NerdGeek culture.  Thanks to my best friend, Machie (May-Chee…I’m using a  made up name *wink*), I’ve been able to have an outlet for those things. She’s led the way with the movement to find herself and embrace her inner geek and I joined her.  It’s bc of her that I found a love for social media and have found a community that understands me.  Thanks, Machie! I also, have to thank my Sista-in-law who is a faithful commenter.  I believe the term she used was something to this effect…a comment woman-of-the-night.  LMBO! Putting it tactifully *wink*. It’s really made me feel loved.

I follow a lot of mom blogs and their Twitter feeds and it has really helped me.  For the spiritual aspect of life I go to my closest friends and I laugh and cry with them (mainly laugh).  I’m so thankful for such a great loving support group. For my need to get me Geek on I go to the momblogs. The Redneck Mommy always has me ROTFLMBO-ing and is genuinely a kind person. She is so funny and shares openly about her life. I absolutely love her. @Keeba13 links the greatest NerdGeek stuff on her Twitter feed and is one of the most loving and sweet ladies I’ve randomly found in a long time. Not so random since @spacekicker recommeded following her, but random in the sense that I had just opened a Twitter account. She is amazing and has a vlog on YouTube where she talks about gaming and Geek culture. I still have to watch her other posts but tweeting with her has revealed a sweet, caring, concerned and compassionate heart of a wife and mother. Thanks @Keeba13! Also, The Proverbs 31 Ministry has been a great encouragement to me. Learning to embrace the reality that I’m not perfect and that my flaws don’t define me.  Thank you all!  You’re SuperMoms for sure and I appreciate you with all my heart.

And for you dads and husbands out there…you are awesome too! My SuperHubby keeps me going with his unconditional love and patience.  Without him, I would be a mess…and not a hot mess.  Just a stinking pile of emotional whiney waste matter.  Thanks SuperHubby for all you do. You are greatly appreciated. I am also so thankful for my friend @spacekicker, who I have recently reconnected with.  He’s been an inspiration in my life and I’m so thankful for his beautiful bride. They are such an inspiration of following a dream with persistance and finding adventure around every corner.  Also, I am following Backpacking Dad and he has shown me how much fathers have changed.  He is so funny and provides such wonderful humor and adventure.  He’s an encouraging and inspiring man. I find it amazing that you all provide for your families financially, emotionally, and adverturously.  It can be very difficult to not get caught up in the boredom of the 9-5 grind but you still come home and change diapers, deal with the problems, pay bills, help with chores and have good attitudes doing it.  Giggles, laughs, tickles, games, stories, and adventures follow you wherever you go (even for those of you without kids *wink*).  Don’t lose heart when things are tough and know that you are doing a great job.  I’m so thankful that there are more dad blogs now. Keep up the good work guys!  You’re amazing.

I wanted to share with everyone, but especially all the NerdGeek Moms out there, that it IS hard balancing all those roles and finding joy in the mundane. I don’t think we’re supposed to think that we have it all figured out. It’s normal to struggle and you’re not alone.  When you feel overworked and under appreciated by friends and family, rest in the fact that you are making large sacrifices that are building up a riches for you.  When life, slows down you’ll reap the rewards!  Your teenager will call you up from college or, a little later in life, after they just lay your first grandbaby down and say, “You were right, Mom. I love you.” Your little breastfeeding babies that wake you up all night to eat will bring you joy and laughter through all the new things they’re discovering everyday! Your toddlers WILL use the potty and your SuperHubby’s will say “You’re the most amazing and beautiful woman I know and I don’t deserve you.” It’s all coming to you so keep the good fight.  It’s a fight for happiness sometimes.  A very loving and wise man, Steve Hall, said “You have to fight like heroes against the drudgery of life.” We are certainly Super Heroes! Find that thing that helps you get through and reach out to me if you need anything.  Seriously, even if I don’t know you.  Message me and I’ll try to cheer you up!  I’ll find something to make you laugh or lift your spirits. Thank you for being awesome moms and friends!  You all are beautiful, smart, and I am always thinking of you.





  1. I laughed at the made up name. Very nice post, and glad I can be a person in your life who helps you. 🙂

  2. You rock!!! I too have rediscovered my inner NerdGeek, she was always there but I got confused about being one and being a girl too. Part of growing up in Christ is more fully being ourselves and being less worried what other people think of that. I like to think that I’m just now starting to be sort of comfortable with who God made me. Smart, nerdy, geeky, girly, gun-loving (not joking), cloth-diapering, sort of neo-hippie mom! Isn’t great to be ourselves!

    • I think it’s important to be myself but I have such a heart to reach out to other NerdGeek moms out there. I really hope that people will find someone they can relate to. Time to Geek Out…Warehouse 13 was on Monday and On Demand finally posted it!

  3. You are too kind. You’ve included me in a list of awesome people and I’m beyond flattered. I’m so glad you found me. Because now I’ve found *you*.

  4. CommentWhore says:

    I am so glad you’ve found an outlet through social media, and are reconnecting with that nerdgeek part of yourself. I personally love the openness and sharing that social media fosters. More often than not, it’s positive and encouraging. Love ya sista!

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