Awaking To Tragedy

I woke up this morning to the sound of the kids laughing and playing.  It always warms my heart when the  17mo comes to the door and knocks loudly as if to say, “Get up Mommy!”  The smell of coffee rushes at me as I open the door and SuperHubby has fed the kids and cleared the table.  What a great guy, letting me sleep in like that.  I sit down for my morning cuddles with the boys and he tells me about the horrible tragedy in Colorado where a gunman killed 12 people and wounded 38 during the midnight showing of The Dark Night Rises.  I stare blankly at him as I recall the 2011 shooting here in Tucson that affected our community so terribly.  This type of massacre seems like an annual event in this country and happens at schools, malls, grocery stores and now movie theaters?

Twitter seemed full of angry people. People who bore righteous anger towards a horrible deed committed by a twisted man and those who were full of anger toward people of a certain political affiliation. When you see it written out, you can truly see that one is more apporpriate than the other. I personally hold that our focus should be on reflecting on all those affected by the shooting…From those closest to the deceased and injured (family: parents, children, spouses, etc.), all the way to those who barely knew them (the one who sat next to them in homeroom or the barista that served them coffee everyday).  An entire community is mourning right now and I mourn with them. I will not and I encourage other to not belittle their pain with a disgusting attempt to politicize this event no matter what position you hold. When I read Hamlet, I don’t criticize the Danish Monarchy, I judge righteously the menacing actions of a murdering brother whose lust was for the throne and queen.

My hope is that we will all try to be kind to one another during horrible events such as these.  I don’t recall the media stirring up political strife on September 11, 2001.  These deaths are just a meaningful to that community and we should be kind, respectful and do whatever we can to help them.  I hope that this brings comfort to anyone who is feeling the same way and it is not written to accuse or shame, but to focus.  Focus our feelings where appropriate and allow those feelings to create good in the aftermath of something awful.  My prayers are with you.

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