New Show: Save The Supers

Save the Supers: Sandeep Parikh’s New Creation

Sandeep is probably the only man on the face of the planet who can make a Monarch Butterfly costume look completely masculine and Bad A.  In his new Show, Save The Supers, he brings the same dry humor.  His sarcasm is an excellent balance to the insane cast of Super Heroes.  Unlike The Guild, the language is not edited and it contains a much more “adult audience only” script.  So, no kiddos present when you sit down for this ride!  It is guaranteed to have you ROTFLYBO! (not an actual guarantee)

Roll Call!

Merman, leader of this unruly bunch called The Super Force:  portrayed by Sandeep Parikh (follow him on Twitter @sandeepparikh)

Worldman, has the power of thinking he’s the ****:  portrayed by Mickey Hawtrey

Elementra, has the power of Wind: portrayed by Mandell Maughan

Fleet Foot, has the power of speed: portrayed by Jordan Black

Morphman, has the power of morphing into any object (this schtick is HI-Larious): As Himself

Night Knight, has the power of …Umm, being intense? I’m not sure, but he’s great: portrayed by Max Bird-Ridnell



You’ve got to watch this tonight when the kids go down!  It will be the greatest 6 minutes of your Friday.  And also, watch The Guild already…geez.

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