The Guild

Obvious SPOILERS (but not too many, okay… a lot). If you are a NerdGeek and haven’t been watching The Guild, then you’re Newbier than me and need to get on that stat!  This show has cracked myself and SuperHubby up more times in one 6 minute ep than most hour long shows have.  Let’s get to the awesomeness!

Felicia Day (follow her on Twitter @feliciaday)

She’s amazing.  Not only is she a superduperly smart homeschooled woman, but she entered UT when she was 16. She studied Mathematics and Violin while my SuperHubby was there (could’ve brushed shoulders with her!) and graduated UT Valedictorian.  Then she moved to LA to start an acting career.  WOW!  Girl Crush doesn’t even begin to describe my adoration for this girl.  She is one of the nicest people and is adored by family, friends and collegues.  We could all learn a lesson from her on how to be true to yourself, your beliefs and still be kind and loving to those who oppose you.  Sound like any we know (from the bible)?

Sandeep Parikh (follow him on Twitter @SandeepParikh)

This guy is super funny.  In the first season of The Guild I had a difficult time handling his character Zaboo who is a highly obsessed individual who struggles to free himself from his mother’s grip.  After five seasons, Zaboo has found a place in my heart and cracks me up more than any other character.  Sandeep has his own web show now… Save The Supers!  Check it out.

Jeff Lewis, Vince Caso, Amy Okuda, and Robin Thorsen (Follow them on Twitter)

These guys make up the rest of the cast and definitely deserve a section of their own here in this post, but…I gots the kiddos ya’know? The Guild would not be what it is without this team of total misfits.  The broadband stealing, dumpster diving penny pincher, Vork; the bratty celebrity wannabe, Bladezz; the snotty better than everyone, super cranky, Tink; and the neglectful pregnant mother of two, Clara.  The whole cast reflects the best and worst of gaming addicts and will leave you in crippling pain and sore abdominal muscles.


Special Guest Appearances by Wil Wheaton

Do I really need to explain why you should watch him in this show? I NEVER need an excuse to watch Wil work, NEVER.  All I have to say is, commando kilt-wearing guild leader of Axis of Anarchy.  Let the drama begin!

Season 5 Special Guest Appearances: SPOILER ALERT!!!!! (skip to next section if you want to be surprised)

Wil Weaton, Bonnie Burton, Nathan Fillion, Erin Gray (Holy Moly! Buck Rodgers Star), Richard Hatch (original Battlestar!), Colin Ferguson, Zachary Levi, Eliza Dushku, Tom Lenk, Rick Fox, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules!), … who am I forgetting… so many amazing mind blowing stars… well, many many more!

Last Thoughts

I laugh at myself, writing all this down as if I’m the  first to discover these people or as a person whose been blogging for years and has thousands of subscribers.  Hey, I gotta start somewhere and I’m loving my life right now!  I’m so thankful for this show because it has really cheered me up.  Thank you Knights of Good! Can’t wait for Season 6.

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